Kicker Candlestick Pattern: How to Use Bullish and Bearish Kicker

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Buyers are undoubtedly taking control of the stock, so if you’re ready to embrace a bit of risk, feel free to jump right in. Crucially, the white candle’s bottom wick doesn’t extend into the red candle’s body. As you have learned, the signal heralds a bullish reversal, which occurs directly thereafter.

For example, during a strong multi-year uptrend, a reversal signal may indicate only a few days of selling before the bigger uptrend starts up again. Here is a three gaps pattern that signaled the end of an uptrend. Since such momentum can’t last forever, the buyers are eventually exhausted and price moves the other way. There are two variants of the kicking pattern, bearish and bullish depending on the trend in which the kicking pattern appears.

Start with a free account to explore 20+ always-free courses and hundreds of finance templates and cheat sheets. Now that you have a basic understanding of both the kicker and exhaustion gap patterns, let’s have a head-to-head competition between the two patterns. Shifting gears back to Facebook – the stock developed a wedge pattern after the huge gap up candle. Again, notice how there is no overlap between the two candlesticks. Now, exactly as with the previous RSI strategy, we calculate the tax value beginning from the first bar of the pattern.

  • Generally, the market’s direction doesn’t matter much, unlike most other candle patterns.
  • The Bullish Bears team focuses on keeping things as simple as possible in our online trading courses and chat rooms.
  • We will consider the features of its formation and the rules of trading with it.

You as a trader need to be able to discern when a stock is having a normal retracement. Keeping a close eye on volume is a great way to locate healthy retracements, versus a trade you need to close immediately. One point to note is that we opened our position after a large candlestick. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with this approach, but with such a large price expansion, odds are the stock will go lower before heading higher. Finance content writer with 7+ years of experience in writing & editing website content. He specializes in personal finance, stock market, news articles.

Bearish kicker formation

Following the gap, there are several white candles (and only one red) and the price moves consistently upward. Although the steady uptrend eventually gaps down (and is followed by a strong bearish candle), that jump in price doesn’t dampen the Bullish Kicker’s success. Any investors relying on the pattern’s prophetic reliability would certainly be pleased.

  • The release of news or information is usually the cause of a change in traders attitudes.
  • On many trading platforms such as MetaTrader, the body color of the last candle of the kicker pattern reverses, vividly depicting a dramatic shift in investor sentiment.
  • His preferred instruments are ETFs but also maintains a portfolio of cryptocurrencies.
  • The pattern is used mostly by advanced traders as it poses a significant risk of losses.

When a pattern creates at the key level, you will pick that setup because it is a high probability trade setup with a high winning ratio. These are two simple steps you need to remember for this pattern. It is a high probability candlestick pattern and has a high success rate. The addition of technical confluences can also increase the winning ratio. When a trader identifies a Bearish Kicker pattern on a particular stock chart, you can enter into the trade in the next candle after the Bearish Kicker pattern emerges. The stop loss should be placed at the high of the previous candle.

The Evening Star is a reversal candlestick pattern that indicates when a bearish trend is about to take place. It usually consists of three different candles – a big bullish (green/white) candlestick, followed by a small-bodied bullish, and a bigger bearish (red/black) ones. The Kicker candlestick pattern is not often seen on price charts and portends a reversal of the current trend, showing a sudden change in market sentiment. It is usually caused by important or unexpected news related to an asset.


The bodies of the candles are opposite colors on many trading platforms, creating a colorful display of the dramatic change in investor sentiment. Because the kicker pattern occurs only after a significant change in the investor attitude; the indicator is often studied with other measures of market psychology or behavioral finance. You can see for yourself that chart patterns are formidable weapons of technical analysis. They offer technical signals on the reliability of the trend of the action or not.

Examples of Bullish Kicker

As you probably know, the rising wedge pattern has strong bearish sentiment. The pattern symbolizes a strong change in the investor’s attitude about the stock. This usually happens due to the release of crucial information about the company. Strike, founded in 2023 is a Indian stock market analytical tool. Strike offers free trial along with subscription to help traders, inverstors make better decisions in the stock market. These indicators can also be used to determine the stock’s volatility.

Most times, the bullish kicker on its own isn’t accurate enough to be traded without confirmation. If you want to trade the pattern successfully, you will have to build a trading strategy for the right market and timeframe, where the pattern works. The head and shoulders candlestick pattern is a major reversal pattern, one of the best known in chartist circles (but also infrequent). It owes its name to its particular shape, representing a head and two shoulders. The Falling Three candlestick formation is a bearish continuation pattern that indicates interruption, but no reversal of the current trend.

Bull Market vs. Bear Market

A single candlestick pattern is constructed of four different components representing important pieces of pricing information for the trading day – open, close, high, and low. The first two, open and close prices, are represented by the thick body of the candlestick. The candle wick and its tail indicate the high and low price points that have been recorded throughout the day.

The bullish kicker can happen during a price range after a bearish candle or near the end of a downtrend in price. In this review, we will get acquainted with a rather rare reversal candlestick pattern called Kicker. We will consider the features of its formation and the rules of trading with it. It is a two candlestick pattern so you should have a bearish candlestick followed by a bullish one.

The bearish kicker pattern emphasizes the abruptness of the change in investor attitude. The one downside to the bullish kicker pattern is that they are extremely rare and only occur in very distinct situations and events. In most cases, the opinions of large players in the financial market are swayed during some news event or release of information. For example, if a CEO were to openly express a controversial political belief, investors may react strongly to sell or buy the underlying stock. All that said, attempting to trade reversals can be risky in any situation because you are trading against the prevailing trend.

Generally, the market’s direction doesn’t matter much, unlike most other candle patterns. As such, a pattern occurs and works identically in a bullish or bearish market. The pattern is used mostly by advanced traders as it poses a significant risk of losses. Traders should be well-aware of their exit points before jumping into a trade.

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